Today lot of startups and entrepreneur or professional blogger run their website and blogs or apps but they don’t know how to take copyright registration for the website in india. so today we guide you on step by step to register copyright for any type website or blog. its a very simple and easy process through myonlineca.
So we provide a complete FAQ Manner for Register a Copyright in India.

What is copyright?
First thing first, let’s know what exactly is copyright. Well, copyright is the ownership of a creative work. This right has been provided to the creators by the Constitutions of India . It ensures that no one else lay claim on the work and/or make profit out of your own work.

Does a blogger or website need copyright?
Yes and no. If you’re publishing some creative work (like stories, novels, poems, photographs, drawings, sketches, digital art etc.) on your blog —it is recommended that you apply for copyright because this is really your intellectual property which could not have existed without your skills.
You can also get copyright if you’re writing things like tutorials on your blog. Actually you can get copyright for any work of art that you can prove you have produced.

What does copyright cover?
Copyright covers your original expression. It does not cover facts. For example, if you write “the sun rises in the east” —it is a fact and anyone else is free to say the same thing on their own blogs. But if you express this fact in a special artistic way, for example using a peculiar combination of words and sentences, then you will have copyright on that original expression of yours. The fact will still be copyright-free but you’ll be the owner of that unique way-of-expression for the fact.

Is it OK to copy a few lines and use them as a quote?
In most cases, such a practice is legal. If you’re quoting the source and/or giving link to the source Blog and website the owner of those lines would not really mind. And even if someone does mind, you can always remove such a quote upon receiving a complaint. Quoting few lines is considered fair use in the court of law.

How to get copyright in India?
In India, copyright is governed by the Copyright Act, 1957 and the Copyright Rules. The Government of India has recently setup the Copyright Office as a nodal agency to look after all the copyright related matters. You can e-file your copyright registration request. While applying, you’ll have to pay a fee to get the registration done.

How to get copyright for a website?
A website may contain a number of elements that are literary or artistic in nature. For example, words, graphics, videos, software and photos etc. As per the Copyright Office, you will have to file copyright registration request for each of these elements separately.

Basically it means that you can get copyright on specific material but not on a complete website or blog. It is, therefore, a clumsy process to get copyright for a whole website or blog.

How to Apply for Copyright in India?
Following work flow diagram gives you a visual idea of how the process works. This diagram is courtesy of the Copyright Office.

Source : Techwelkin