Learn and be aware about Company Registration or Incorporation VVP Scam or Fraud by Divya Book Company or Legend Book Company or  MEGA BOOK COMPANY or other companies.
Today we talk about the ScaM and fraud which is happened after the company incorporation or registration.
when a entrepreneur registered their company and in the final step they are just open a current bank account but there are chances they could fall prey of a VPP Scam scheme.
After Company or LLP Registration information is made publicly by  Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA) on their website and scammers use this information to getting director and promoter details like their name and registered office & mail id’s.
So Now talk about How this Company Incorporation or Registration Fraud and Scam works which is start by most of the fake book publishing house.

How Company Incorporation Scam works ?

Fake Book Publishing House on the name like Divya Book Company” based in Ambedkar Nagar, Delhi or Legend Book Company based in Rohtas Nagar, New Delhi Send a VPP Post at Registered office of the Company and Director or employees of the companies in absence of awareness paid the money to post man to discharge this VPP Post.

Their mode of operation is:

  • Find new companies registered (MCA releases a list)
  • Send these books by VPP.
  • The books probably cost less than 100 rupees to print, and if people return the books, they probably pay another Rs. 100 or so as a charge. Their cost per sending is Rs. 200 or so.
  • Since they charge Rs. 2000+, all they have to do is sucker 1 out of 10 people, and the fraud works.

Note: The books “look” useful, but are probably a complete waste of time. They probably aren’t worth even a fraction of the Rs. 2300 you are expected to pay.

Important things which should remember by Entrepreneurs 

Those involved in the incorporation of a private limited company or LLP must always remember that the MCA nor any other Governmental Agency never sends any information through VPP Post. Therefore, it is important for anyone starting or managing a company to accept only those VPP that they have ordered. Never accept any VPP Post that you did not request.
so always be aware about these type of Scam and Frauds during the Company Incorporation. if you face this type of scam or any fraud then please let us know via comments.