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What is KMC Trade Licence 

While doing business or providing professional services one has to take a lot of licenses and registration with respect to the state you are carrying on trade or profession like for e.g. Shop and establishment or trade license etc. the requirement of such licenses and registration depends upon the nature of your work and upon the location of your work. Many times the registration and license registration differ from state to state. Like for e.g. you have to obtain shop and establishment certificate, Employee state insurance number, Udyog Aadhar Registration, etc. Here in the article we will focus on the requirement of trade license or certificate of enlistment as require in Kolkata municipal corporation trade licence or profession.

In Kolkata, you have to obtain a trade certificate or certificate of enlistment for carrying out any trade or profession in the areas falling under Kolkata Municipal Corporation trade licence. If you are a businessman or a professional engaged in trade or profession in Kolkata then you have to obtain a certificate of enlistment i.e. Trade license online. If you are thinking of engaging in any trade or profession in Kolkata then also you have to obtain a trade license online. The article will discuss the requirement, process, and the documents required for the trade license Kolkata.

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What is the KMC Trade License Online?

Government Authorities issue trade license which allows individuals or companies to conduct their business within the government’s geographical jurisdiction. Trade license is must for any business, because it is issues by local authority. Without permission of local authority, you cannot run your business in local area. It is essential for everyone who wants to run business. Business activity and physical location of a company determines the licenses that are required to operate lawfully.

Importance of KMC Trade Licence Online

#1 Trade license is permission granted by local authority to carry any business
#2 Without this license, you cannot run a business in local area
#3 It protects owner against certain liability
#4 If you are carry a business without obtaining trade license, then you have to pay fine or your business will be shut down by the authority

Certificate of Enlistment

In Kolkata you should get certificate of enlistment before opening of your business because it is must require in Kolkata. Certificate of Enlistment is equivalent of a trade license in Kolkata. Certificate of Enlistment issued by the license department of Kolkata Municipal Corporation and it is governed by the Municipal Corporation Act 1980.

Section 199 of Municipal Corporation Act say that “Every person engaged or intending to be engaged in any profession, trade or calling in Kolkata as mentioned in Schedule IV, either by himself or by an agent or representative, shall obtain a certificate of enlistment or get the same renewed annually, as the case may be, from the Municipal Commissioner upon presentation of an application in such form as may be specified by the Municipal Commissioner together.”

Procedure of KMC Trade License

Procedure of filing application under KMC can be made online or offline. Online filing application is easy and simple as compare to Offline filing because you can file your application from home. Here both procedures mentioned below:

Offline Mode

Steps for issuing Certificate of Enlistment are as under
#1 You have collect form from KMC Department
#2 You have to fill that form along with KMC property tax receipt and other required documents as a proof of occupancy/ownership of the business place to be submitted
#3 Authorized In-charge will check your form and verify the documents
#4 The In-charge will send the Form(s) along with the enclosures, if any immediately to the Head of the Department/Unit Offices (L.O./Concerned D.L.O) seeking permission for processing further.
#5 The Head of the will then, accord permission for assessment, and send it to the concerned department.
#6 Then inspection and verification of business place as well as the documents will be conduct by authority
#7 Then Demand generated through counter on the basis of recommendation of issue by licence Inspector
#8 Then you have to pay fee for demand
#9 After submission of fee, Certificate of Enlistment will be given to you

Online Mode

#1 You have to visit official website of KMC Official Site
#2 Click on above link
#3 Online Application will be open
#4 Fill the form
#5 During filing of form you have to submit some information like Date of commencement, Business name, business category, place of business, #6 business details etc.
#6 During filing application you have select nature of business
#7 After filing of form, you have attach required documents
#8 Then submit the form
#9 After submission of form, inspection will be conduct by authority
#10 If everything found correct in the form, then you have to pay fees
#11 After submission of fee, you will get your certificate of Enlistment.

Required Documents for KMC Trade License Kolkata

Following documents are generally required:
1) Proof of place of business
2) In case of Companies/Private Limited Companies, the following documents are to be produced along with the application:
(a) Memorandum/Articles of Association;
(b) Declaration in Form No. 32;
(c) Form No. 18;
(d) Proof of occupancy;
3) You have to submit document in support of place of business
4) If owned by petitioner, Tax bill
5) In case of tenant, rent bill
6) In case of lessee, lease-deed
7) In case of relative, if granted rent free accommodation by the premises owner then you have to submit consent letter from the owner
8) Other required documents
Along with the form and the documents, one has to provide an affidavit/declaration which certifies that in case of any discrepancies or any illegal activity on the behalf of the person or company who want to start a business, the certificate of enlistment will be revoked.

Procedure for Renewal

The validity of Certificate of Enlistment is one year. Every year renewal required for Trade License/Certificate of Enlistment. According to Laws of Kolkata Municipal Corporation, renewal required every year. In 2003 The KMC introduced a new procedure for renewal of Certificate of Enlistment. Procedure for renewal is very simple and easy. You will be intimated when renewal of your certificate is required by the KMC. You have to follow given below procedure.
#1 Demand for Renewal of certificate raised every year
#2 These demands sent to the traders directly by KMC
#3 On the backside of the Demand, instructions and help line no. printed
#4 You have to deposit required amount for demand, which is mentioned in demand
#5 You can pay online or offline
#6 After payment, it will renew for a year

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