Today in this guide we are learning about Income Tax Return for VISA Application for any Country like Canada Schengen US Australia etc. Even if you applying for Student Visa in Canada Schengen US for Study Purpose and required the ITR for VISA Application then Our Article guide helps you on the same.

What is Income Tax Return [ITR] for VISA Application ?

Whenever you apply for the VISA Application as Student VISA or Tourist VISA or Business VISA etc. then you need to submit income tax return to VISA Office in respective Embassy. Income tax return simplified legal documents which justify your all income source and verify the same by government records.

What are the Required Documents for VISA Application as Income Proof ?

Income Can be verify by following documents by any VISA Office or Embassy –

  • Income Proof just like ITR-1 or ITR-4 or ITR-3 or ITR-2 Acknowledgement and Computation
  • Funds or Property Assets Valuation Proof like CA Networth Certificate for VISA Application

is ITR Compulsory for Student VISA ?

its totally depend on the type of the VISA and depend on the country. Normally most of the country asking only the basic documents for the income proof but if your embassy asking for ITR then must file income tax return every year because after the due date ITR filing are not possible.

How Many Years ITR Required for VISA ?

Normally VISA Office can ask for minimum 2 Year ITR for the VISA Purpose. So Always you need to file income tax return every year before the due date.

What is ITR Acknowledgement for VISA ?

ITR Acknowledgement is simplified documents on single page which is generated only after filing the income tax return. so you need to just login into your income tax account on the official portal and have to download the ITR Acknowledgement for the past filed return.

Income Tax Return for Canada Visa schengen visa US VISA ?

For the Canada Schengen US VISA Application its required to submit ITR-V Acknowledgement on the same with computation of Income tax return. So following things are required on the same –

a) if you are employed as Salary Person –
– Personal ITR-1 Acknowledgement Form of Last Two Assessment Year
– Last 3 Month Salary Bank Statement and Salary Slip

b) if you are self employed –
–  Business ITR-4 Acknowledgement
– Last 3 Month Business Bank Statement and Proof of Business Certificate like GST.

c) if you are Student or UnEmployed –
– Parents Personal Bank Account Statement of last 3 month
– Student Income tax return acknowledgement with confirmation letter of financial support from parents.

How to File Income Tax Return for VISA Application –

ITR Filing is not easy job. You need Tax Consultant Help as they can help you to decide proper source of income and correct itr filing form. Because if you filed wrong return and due date has been gone then you can’t revised itr after the due date. So Why Wait. Take the help from MyOnlineCA Here which helps you to File Income Tax Return