In This Article At myonlineca, We will tell you about How to Find NIC Code for Udyog Aadhar Registration. We will give you full details about National Industrial Classification Code that will help you to know The meaning of nic code and where you can find this Code for Udyog Aadhar registration.

How to Find NIC Code for Udyog Aadhar Registration

Whenever You are Filling the form For acquiring a registration under Udyog aadhar For Your Small and Medium enterprise. You have to fill details Like Name Of the Entrepreneur, Aadhar card number, name of the enterprise, type of enterprise, Business activity of MSME Unit, Postal Address, Phone number, Email address, District Industry Center, Bank Details, and Nic code. All Of these Details can be easily filled by the applicant in the form, but where the confusion or difficulty arises is when NIC code Is asked and Most of the applicants are not sure what is National Industrial Classification code for their Business they run as Micro, Small Or Medium enterprise.

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What Is NIC code?

The National Industrial Classification code is a fundamental Statistical Standard for creating and keeping up comparable Database as per economic activities. Such groupings are habitually utilized as a part of arranging the monetarily dynamic populace, measurements of modern generation and conveyance, the distinctive fields of work insights and other financial information, for example, national salary. The likeness of insights accessible from different sources, on various parts of the economy, and convenience of such information for financial analysis, is essential for the institutionalization of an arrangement of characterization.

In simple word, It Is a Classification system That classifies the Business activity that is carried out by a Business Enterprises or organization. It is Numeric codes. It is in the form of 2-3 digit code, 4 digit code and 5 digit code. 2 and 3 digit codes represent the Group of Business activity, 4 Digit Code represents a class of business activity and 5 digit code represents Sub-Class Of Business activity.

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How to enter a Nic Code in Udyog Aadhar online registration form?

When You are filling the Udyog Aadhar form, You will see that the form Is arranged in numbers sections. Like In number 10 section you have to fill Major Activity and number 9 bank details etc.

In 11 number section, you have to Fill Nic code List. To fill The code you can do simple nic code search, by putting any keyword such as machinery for Bakery in search Bar. There is also One more option to enter nic code, where first you have to choose an activity of business such as manufacturing or Service. Then you have to enter 2 digit Nic code, 4digit, and 5digit code. even if you enter wrong NIC Code by mistake previously then you can edit or correction in udyog aadhar and generate the acknowledgement.

How to find Nic Code?

You can find  National Industrial Classification code by simply searching It in the search bar or You can download the Nic Code List in Pdf format from  link Provided below:


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