GST has been implemented since 1st July 2017 which has led massive impact on the Indian Taxpayers as well as consumers. Registration process has been started and many taxpayers have registered themselves on the GST portal. As there many taxpayers have registered they want to know their GST registration status online.

How to Check Status on GST Portal

GST registration can be approved by the Proper officer after due verification and when proper officer failed to take any action. When the approval is by the proper officer then the GST registration certificate will be made on the GST portal and if otherwise then GST registration certificate will be available after 3 working days from approval date.

GST has launched a link to check the registration status under the GST at

This link has been launched for verification of registration and for promoting transparency under GST. It provides to check the enrolment and registration status of the taxpayer.

GST status and their meaning

There can be following status under GST:





Pending for Processing

Application filed successfully. Pending with Tax Officer for Processing. Officer has 3 working days to process.


Pending for Clarification

Notice for seeking clarification issued by officer. File Clarification within 7 days of date of notice on portal.


Pending for Order

Clarification filed successfully by Applicant. Pending with Tax Officer for Order. He has 7 working days to pass order.





Application is Approved. GSTIN and password emailed to Applicant.

Application is Rejected by tax officer.

Hope this article is helpful for you to check the GST Registration Application on the official Portal for the same. if you have any query just revert back to us at mail{attherate}