How to Attach a Car with Uber

How to Attach a Car with Uber

So Today on Legal Adda we talk about very interesting topic that is attach a Car with Uber. In India Uber is coming before 2 to 3 years but now its become more popular and these taxi aggregator growing day by day. so Lets Learn

Ola or Uber

How to Attach a Car with Uber India

Update on 16th Feb 2017 : We create  2 Videos to understand more about  “How to attach a Car with Uber or Ola Cabs in India & How you can earn handsome money by attach your car or without the car.


First of all we have to following some things that is required as Legal Documents :-

  • Business Registration as Proprietorship Firm/LLP/Company
  • Clear car papers
  • Taxi permit for vehicle
  • Police verification certificate, Commercial license, ID Proof for driver
  • Badge

For the Legal Terms like Proprietorship Firm Refer Our Legal Adda Knowledgebase

Type of Cars which can be attached :-

There are 3 categories in Uber-
a. UberBLACK- Altis, innova, Honda City, Ecosport, Nissan Sunny, Altis etc
b. UberX- Dzire, Etios, Manza
c. UberGO- Ritz, Swift, Liva, Indigo CS, Ecco, Wagon R, etc

Terms and Conditions

Most of the aggregation platforms have more or less below terms in brief:

  • Car should be running for 13 hrs in a day/ An average of 350 Hrs in a month. i.e., If on a certain day driver falls below 13 hrs, those can be covered in other days
  • Driver shall login for 27 days in a month
  • Within 5 kms, he should be able to attend the customer
  • Car owner shall be paying 6-10% of total sales of month to platform. For eg., for a mini commission to be paid to platform will be around 2k-3.5k.


Where to Contact to Uber India

In the Following Cities  Uber is Available in India:  

  7. INDORE,
  8. JAIPUR,
  9. KOCHI,
  10. KOLKATA,
  11. MUMBAI,
  12. MYSORE,
  13. NAGPUR,
  14. NEW DELHI,
  15. PUNE,
  16. SURAT,
Delhi office is located at:
Uber Delhi Operations Team
2nd Floor, SCO 300, Sector 29 , Gurgaon
Application or Sign Up Forms for Uber India to attach your Cab :-
For the Calcutta or Kolkata Drivers :- Attach Cab with Uber in Kolkata
For the AHMEDABAD Drivers ;- Attach Your Car with Uber in Ahmedabad
For the Bangalore Drivers :- Attached your Car with Uber in Bangalore
For the Jaipur Drivers :-  Attached Your Car with Uber in Jaipur
For the Mumbai Drivers :- Attached Your Cab with Uber in mumbai
For the Delhi Drivers :- Attached Your Cab with Uber in Delhi
For the Hyderabad Drivers :- Attached Your Cab with Uber in Hyderabad
So for other cities just copy this Link –  and Include your city name like
Hope this article is helpful for you. For the More Information you can contact to Uber Regional Office.
For the Legal Registration Require Documents you can done it online via myonlineca which helps you to getting your business registration in any city of India.