Today in this Article we are learning about How to File Consumer Complain Online Free | Consumer Forum Complain Online Procedure with eDaakhil Govt Portal. Govt Portal allow to file consumer court online complaint with simplified documents with Free of Cost.

A consumer who is dissident by the infringement of consumer rights can make a consumer complaint. Through These two portal eDaakhil and National Consumer Helpline any consumer can make consumer complaint online.

eDaakhil is an online platform that allows you to file consumer forum online complaint at your convenience, from anywhere, diminishing the requirement of their physical presence at consumer commissions.

  1. If your claim is upto INR 50 Lacs- District Court
  2. If your claim is above INR 50 Lacs- INR 2 Crore- State Commission
  3. If your claim is Above INR 2 Crore- National Commission

NCK aka National Consumer Helpline has been launched by the Department of Consumer Affairs. NCH has provided various toll-free helpline no. and online portal to register grievances about any issues or problems with consumer services & products.

How to File Consumer Complain Online Free with eDaakhil ?

  • For case filing process, consumers must register on the eDaakhil portal.
  • This requires an email id and upload a soft copy of identity cards like voter id, PAN card, passport etc.
  • The user will then receive an account activation link, first as an OTP on their phone, and then on their email.

Download Consumer Complain Format for EDaakhil

These are the Steps of Filing Consumer Court Complain Online with eDaakhil :

  1. Click on the tab ‘filling’, Select File a new case from the drop down. read the disclaimer and enter the value of the claim amount. Select the concerned state and district from the drop-down menu and press continue.
  2. On the next page, click on Case Details Tab. Fill the complainant details like complainant name, complainant mobile no, complainant address etc.
  3. In the same page fill the opposite party details like opposite party name, opposite party address, opposite party mobile no, etc.
  4. Fill the complainant advocate details. If you did not hire any advocate do not fill this section. In case you have hired advocate then fill advocate name, advocate mobile no, advocate address etc.
  5. Fill the Case summary details, like your complaint, and what resolution you want etc.
  6. Click on Save Draft and Click on Next Tab. On the next page, click on Additional Complaint Tab.
  7. In case of multiple complainants, you can also switch over to the additional complainant tab and fill out the required details, adding information for the respective complainant advocate.
  8. Next, upload all the aforementioned documents next to their required sections. Four documents that have to be mandatorily uploaded are the index, the list of debt and events, the memo of parties, and the complaint with the affidavit.
  9. To upload additional documents, click on ‘add document’ and provide their descriptions.
  10. Refer to details in the ‘information panel’ at the bottom of the screen for any guidance, and save your draft.
  11. Next, you can download a preview of your application which would’ve automatically merged all the submitted documents in a sequential order. You may also be required to choose the consumer commission you need to file your case at.
  12. After pressing finalise, you will be directed to an OTP section, which you’ll receive as a message on your phone. Once you fill out the OTP, you will receive an acknowledgement of your submission.
  13. Next, you’ll be directed to the pending payments section.

How to Register a Complaint with National Consumer Helpline ?

  1. Visit or download the app from playstore.
  2. For case filing process, consumers must signup themselves on the portal.
  3. After signup you can sign in into the portal.
  4. In the next step, you can login into portal and dashboard will be shown.
  5. In the left side select Tab ‘Register Grievance’. A form will be open.
  6. Click on Tab Grievance Type – Click Grievance
  7. Select state, city, industry and category.
  8. Fill Product/service type, Company Order no., Transaction Id, Date of purchase, registered mobile no. with company, amount paid etc.
  9. Fill Nature of grievance, Product Value, Dealer Name etc.
  10. Fill the grievance details.
  11. Click on submit.
  12. Within 45 days these this portal will provide you the resolution.

You can track your complaint progress through the tracking code provided by this portal. The portal eDaakhil and National Consumer Helpline helps you to know how to file Consumer Complaint Online Free. If you need any help on Consumer Complain Filing then watch above Video and Download our Professional be Ready Consumer Complain Format at Nominal Cost.