I always wonder in today’s progressing world of digitalization where does our government stand? But in reality our government is not far behind, the government has stepped the stone of digitalization by creating Government E Marketplace or GeM portal so as to facilitate the procurement of goods and services online. So Let’s learn about How to Register on Government E-Marketplace by the Seller our Buyers easily Online. even you know

Various Government Department, Organization and Public Sector Undertakings in our country require goods & services & the Government E Marketplace has enhanced the transparency in the government transactions. Not only this, even the efficiency of the transactions have increased & the procurement procedure has also speeded up.

Government E-Marketplace


Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology along with its National E Government Division has created this Government E Marketplace. Ministry of Finance by adding a new rule i.e. Rule No. 141-A in the General Financial Rules, 2005 has authorised purchases via GeM by Government users.

There are multifarious products sold on Government E Marketplace –

  • Goods:
    Electronics- like photocopiers, scanners, air conditioners, multi- media projectors, computer, desktops, tablets, laptops, computer accessories like mouse, printers, keyboard, pendrive, power bank, etc.,
    Stationary- pass book, smart card, note- sheets, note- books, etc.
  • Services: like transportation are also tested on GeM..


Purchases via GeM can be made by authorised representatives of central government department, state government department, public sector undertaking & autonomous bodies. But there are certain details which are required to be fulfilled by a government officer to be registered as a buyer on GeM which are as follows-

  • AADHAR Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Official / NIC email
  • Class 3 Signature Certificate
  • Authorisation from their respective department

Not only purchases but actually sales could also be undertaken on GeM by any genuine manufacturer or marketeer.



  • Traders & manufacturers can register by visiting this link- Signup Here
  • Service providers can register by the following link- Signup Here

After the registration process is complete,  the seller are provided with a GeM user ID &password to access the seller’s account. Afterwards, the listing & pricing of the products or services are done which are to be offered. The sellers have freedom of pricing the product as per the cost involved. But the final price should include the costs like cost of logistics,  duties, packing & taxes, etc. along with a reasonable margin to arrive at the selling price on all inclusive basis- indicating percentage of excise duty, service tax, CST/ VAT as applicable at site basis.

Once the seller registration & listing is complete, the order will commence to be received by the seller via seller dashboard. On the placement of order, by the customer, the GeM portal will send an e-mail alert, hereby, the order can be managed by the GeM portal itself.

After the receipt of order, the next responsibility of the seller is to pack the goods and deliver it safely to the buyer on time. Last and the most important, the transaction of payment for he goods or services availed through GeM. The payment will be made directly to the seller’s bank account via online banking within 10 days after the receipt &acceptance of goods or services or after expiry of 10 days, prescribed for return policy.


Now, anyone would wonder why should anyone opt for it. It’s because of the fact that the Government of India is one of the largest purchaser of goods and services in India, spending lakhs of crores. However, there are certain delays in the payment. But the Government E-Marketplace or GeM aims at disrupting the current system and introducing a clean and efficient mechanism for Government purchases. The following are some of pros of being a seller on the Government E-Marketplace:

  • The seller will have a direct access to all Govt. departments.
  • It provides for one stop marketing place along with minimal marketing efforts.
  • Once the seller offer the product, Government Departments would themselves approach the seller, therefore, there is no need to watch for tenders of different government departments.
  • There is freedom from product registration.
  • Generally the product free from regular consignment inspection, testing and evaluation procedures.
  • No requirement of fixed specifications. Therefore , one is free to Market one’s  product with all features defined by him/her. One is free to update and upgrade products as soon and as many times as one find it necessary.
  • The price can be changed based on market conditions consequently there is no fear of fluctuation of raw material prices or exchange rate variations.
  • The product listing is dynamic as there is no need to run for model up-gradation. One can list the latest products and market them based on features and the competitive prices.
  • Complete information of all government requirements via Annual Procurement Plans can be sought.
  • Timely payment can be procured.
  • There is consistent and uniform purchase procedures and the terms and conditions of contract.

This way government e-marketplace is adding another feather to the economic development & pragmatic growth of our country.

So Hope you like this article regarding the Registration on the Government E Commerce Marketplace. This is the one of the good initiatives after the Startup India Programme.