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What is Website Terms and Conditions

Every service provider must intimate customers of the terms under which service is being delivered. These are communicated through the terms-of-service agreement, which sets the legal relationships between the user and the service provider. It is vital to have this contract to place limitations on what can and can’t be done with your content. Often used by websites and internet service providers, the agreement is legally binding and subject to change without notice.

What is Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy lays down the extent to which a party can use, disclose and manage information regarding its client. It declares a firm’s, company’s or website’s policy on collecting and releasing information about a customer or visitor. The policy should specify what information is collected and whether it is kept confidential or shared with or sold to other firms, researchers or sellers. It is mandatory for e-commerce websites to have a privacy policy on their websites.

Other Important Agreements for Website ?

  • User Agreements
  • Refund Policy
  • Payment Terms
  • Affiliate Agreements & many other things require for a web based Online Business

Website Terms & Conditions Drafting

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