There are a lot of the Startups and Entrepreneurs are confuse about the Startup India like What are main documents is required for the Startup India. So Today we are discussing the How to Get Recommendation Letter For Startup India. So you can apply through the startup India portal .

How to Get Recommendation Letter For Startup India

As per the Startup India portal they are allow the startups or small business which have recommendation letter from the incubators or angel investor or have provisional patent from the govt recognized organization means they have to require the recommendation letter from the govt recognized incubators which help to startup in India regarding the mentorship or funding or another support.

So Now the question is How to Get Recommendation Letter For Startup India from the Govt recognized incubators.

First of all, Let’s understand about the List of the Industry Association/organization that can be approached for the obtaining recommendation letter.

List of Sectors under the Startup India

List of Sectors under the Startup India Part 2

So these are the list which is compiled by the government of India. It’s covered most of the sector and field in the business.

Now Understand about the Govt Recognized Incubators and their guidelines regarding the Recommendation Letter For the Startup India.

Here is the Ultimate List of the Govt Recognized Incubators  which is providing the Recommendation Letter For the Startups in India.

GuideLines for the Incubators for the Providing Recommendation Letter to Startups

A Maximum Fee of 5000/- INR can be charged by the incubators for the providing letter of recommendation for the startup India scheme. In any case, where the external expert is required to assess the innovativeness of a product or service or process, a maximum fee of 10000/- INR can be charged by the incubators.

How to Apply for the Govt Recognized Incubators

Here are the 7 steps which is helpful for the apply to the govt recognized incubators for the recommendation letter –

  1. You have to setup your legal entity as Registered Partnership Firm/LLP/Private Limited Company.
  2. After the setup your legal entity, you have to open a current bank account on your business name.
  3. Apply for the all the proper tax registration like VAT/CST or Service Tax.
  4. Apply for the Incubators as per your convenience or in your state as per the govt recognized list.
  5. You can apply through their official website or visiting directly to the incubators.
  6. Pay the appropriate fee to the incubators as per the government guidelines.
  7. Get the Recommendation Letter From them.

Hope this article helpful for you regarding Getting Recommendation Letter For Startup India Scheme.