In today article we will talk about GST E-Way bill that is required while transporting goods in India. The government of India has made it compulsory to Generate Eway Bill for GST and to furnish Gst E-way bill information before movement of goods anywhere in India. So if you are in transport business, this article is must read for you.How To Generate Eway Bill for GST

What Is GST E-Way Bill?

GST E-way bill is a unique bill number generated for the specific consignment involving the movement of goods in case the value of the goods are above 50 thousand rupees.the GST council has mandated the implementation of e waybill from 1st February 2018 in all the states and has given some liberty to implement there rules and regulations regarding GST E-Way bill.GST E-way bill is to be generated by the consignor or consignee if the goods are transported by his/her own or hired conveyance or by railways by air or by Vessel.GST E-Way bill can be generated through laptop and desktops with the help of browsers, Android app from a smartphone, Through SMS via registered mobile number, API ( Application program interface) by connecting consumers IT process with E-way bill process ,E-way bill toll through the bulk generation and By third party service providers.

Objectives of GST E-Way Bill

  • E-way bill is a mechanism to ensure that goods being transported comply with the GST Law
  • To prevent the evasion of tax.
  • Hassle free movement of goods across India.
  • Tracking the movement of goods with e-Way Bill number.
  • E-Way bill reduces the time taken by government officer for verification.

How to Generate Eway Bill for GST?

Step 1: Generate Form GST EWB-01

To generate a GST E-way bill, the person who is transporting goods must provide details of the goods being transported on the GST Common Portal. GST E-way bill can be generated by logging into the GST account at Gst website. For the purpose of generating E-way Bill, the form EWB-01 is filled.The Form EWB-01 has two parts i.e Part A and Part-B.The following details must be provided in GST EWB-01 for generating GST E-Way bill on the GST Portal:

  • For Part-A of GST Registration 
  • GSTIN of Recipient
  • Place of Delivery
  • Invoice or Challan Number
  • Invoice or Challan Date
  • Value of Goods
  • HSN Code
  • Reason for Transportation
  • Transport Document Number
  • For Part-B
  • Vehicle Number

Step 2: Generation Of E-Way Bill

After generation of the e-way bill by providing information about the transport or vehicle in the form, a unique e-way bill number (EBN) will be provided. Print and carry the e-way bill while transporting the goods to its destination.You can print the e-way bill anytime by login into gst website. In case there is any change of vehicle or goods, the transporter has to update details in the e-way bill on the GST portal.

Validity of GST E-way Bill

E-way bill is valid across all States and Union Territories. An e-way bill generated for a distance of up to 100 kilometers has a validity of one day. Above 100 kilometres, the e-way bill would be valid for an additional day.if  the transport of goods is not  finished  within the validity period due to some uncontrollable circumstances, the transporter can generate a new e-way bill after updating details of the transport and a Commissioner  can extend the validity period of e-way bill for certain categories of goods through notification.

Require any help regarding generation E-Way Bill

Every state has its specific rules and regulation regarding GST E-Way bill, In some state, you need to login to another website URL to Generate Eway Bill for GST. Sometimes this can cause confusion and make a process where difficult and time-consuming. In such cases, we recommend you seek a professional help, we at myonlineca are always there to help people anywhere in India to Generate Eway Bill for GST. So please let us help you in this matter.