This Article, We Will Discuss Due Dates of Filing ROC Annual Return for FY 2017-18 . All companies enlisted or registered in India must document MCA annual return and Income Tax return form every year, regardless of business turnover or action.

Roc Filing Due Date

 Roc Annual Return Due Date

All companies enlisted in India like the private limited company, one Person company ,limited company, and Section 8 company must document MCA annual return every year. Before filing an annual return, all companies regardless of turnover or movement is likewise required to choose an Auditor within 30 long periods of the Incorporation.

The annual return of the company must be documented in the wake of conducting the Annual General Meeting of the company. Recently Incorporated Companies can lead the primary Annual General Meeting inside year and a half from date of consolidation or 9 months from the date of shutting of budgetary year, whichever is prior. Consequent Annual General Meetings ought to be held inside a half year from the finish of that monetary year. So a Company’s annual return and another statutory filing as beneath would be expected as takes after:

ROC Annual Filing Due Date(FY 2017-18)

private limited companies that were fused between first January – 31st March of a money-related year can direct the main Annual General Meeting following year and a half. Hence forth, such companies joined between first January – 31st March could record the MCA annual return at the latest year and a half from the end of money a related year (i.e. 30th September of Next Year)

Due Date for Income Tax Return Filing

In expansion to MCA annual return, companies should likewise document income tax return independent of business turnover, income, benefit or misfortune. Consequently, even torpid companies without any exchanges are required to record income tax return every year in ITR-6 form. The due date for filing income tax return for a company is at the very latest the 30th of September.

The MCA annual return filing exception accessible for recently joined companies between first January – 31st March isn’t accessible under the Income Tax Act. Subsequently, even a company fused on 25th March must document its income tax return for the whole budgetary year at the very latest 30th September.

The Process of ROC Filing Due Date

  • Keep in mind consistently you should be associated with the web. Go to the MCA Portal and tap on MCA benefits and download forms according to your necessities and classes specified previously. Enter your CIN number and tap on the pre-filled catch.
  • Some information will be auto-nourished. Fill in whatever is left of the form and ensure it isn’t in excess of 2.5 MB in the estimate. Tap on the Check Button form. Tap on Sign and Save As alternative and enter your DIN. Tap on Pre-Scrutiny. The process when all information is right.

Conclusion for Roc Filing Due Date

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