In Today’s Article at Myonlineca, We will Discuss the Documents Required for Trademark Registration.

It is necessary to talk on Trade Mark Registration because we can also call the trademark as a trade sign of a business, it is usefulness increases because the business name and symbol of its business is established by the entrepreneur by working hard. If his business symbol is used by some other person, then the hard work of his years can be hurt. Trademark registration is not required by law to do any business, but when it comes to safeguarding the business sign, Trade Mark Registration is required so that no other business can use it for its business.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration

Imagine that you have been working hard for years to make your business name, brand, etc. but you have not made a Trademark Registration and one day it comes when you know that by this name or brand already If you are doing business by registering a Trade Mark, then the hard work done by the entrepreneur for years can be worn at the moment. Because any other entrepreneur can not register the same trademark again because the Trade Mark is already registered. Therefore, to establish your brand name in the market, Trade Mark Registration is required.

What is the Trade Mark

As we have stated in the above sentence, the meaning of trade in Hindi is done by the meaning of trade and mark. This is the reason why we can call Trade Mark as a trademark of a business in Hindi. In general, a business’s trademark may be its brand name, or logo. Although many types of Trade Marks, such as Product mark, that are printed on the product or item, can be easily identified in the market of that company. Like Maggi®, Pepsi®, etc. Apart from this, Shape Mark, Pattern Mark, Sound Mark, Service mark etc are also types of Trade Mark. It means that any group of signatures, names, instruments, labels, figures, and colors used by any entrepreneur as a trademark to keep their business separate from other business and to make their mark in the market. Can be brought in. In the colloquial language, Trade Mark is known as Brand Name.

Who Can Apply For Trademark Registration

Any individual entrepreneur, company, sole proprietorship company, partnership company or any other established entity can apply for the trademark. The application form for Trademark is available on the official website of the Government of India, IPI India. After the application is submitted in the prescribed format, after submitting this application to the Registrar of trademark office, the entrepreneur can use the ® sign for his business or product. In order to complete the formalities for trademark registration it may take from about one to ten years to two years, in the meantime the company, entrepreneur or any other legal entity has applied for the trademark registration by using the symbol Can be used, and after the completion of Trade Mark registration, the sign of ® can be used. When the Trade Mark registration is completed, the Government of India is issuing the certificate in the name of the applicant company or person, it is considered valid for the next 10 years. And after 10 years it is renewed.

Trade Mark Registration Benefits

  • Trade Mark Registration offers any entrepreneur a proprietary right to the trademark and provides the right to use it on its product or service.
  • The entrepreneur who has registered the Trade Mark gets deprived of the fear that somebody else may not use illegal trademarks of any other Traders.
  • If a person has registered his Trade Mark, then by using any other traders, he can take legal action against that trader.
  • If we briefly talk about the benefits of Trade Mark registration, we will find that keeping the brand name safe is the biggest benefit.
  • Through entrepreneurship, the entrepreneur or company can succeed in creating its own position among its customers.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration

The following is a list of documents required for trademark registration.

  • Copy of trademark, logo, brand name etc that Applicant wants to make their trademark.
  • If the applicant is a company then Copy of Incorporation Certificate and if the person is the applicant’s name, address proof, citizenship etc details.
  • Details of the product or service for which a trademark registration is required.
  • If entrepreneur or company is applying for a trademark that is already being used by them, then the date on which the trademark is used.
  • Copy of Power of Attorney, signed by the applicant on stamp paper of Rs. 100.


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