Documents Required For Patent Registration in India

Documents Required for the Patent Registration in India

Today we Share a Complete CheckList Regarding the all required documents for the patent registration in India which are very helpful regarding the filing patent application in India.

Must Read about the Patent on the Wikipedia which gives you basic knowledge regarding the Patent Registration in india.

Documents Required For Filing a Patent Application

  • Application form filed in triplicate.
  • Provisional or complete specification in triplicate. If the provisional specification is filed it must be followed by complete specification within 12 months (15 months with approved extension).
  • Drawing in triplicate (if applicable).
  • Abstract of the invention in triplicate.
  • Information and undertaking enlisting the number, filing date and current status of each foreign patent application in duplicate under S. 8 of the Act.
  • Priority document (if priority date is claimed).
  • Declaration of inventorship.
  • Power of attorney (if filed through Patent Agent).
  • Fee in cash or by local cheque or by demand draft.
  • Office for Filing An Application

Application is required to be filed within the territorial limits where the applicant or the first mentioned applicant in case of joint applicants for a patent normally resides or has domicile or has a place of business or the place from where the invention actually originated .In the absence of all this, the appropriate office will be as per the address of service in India given by the applicant.

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