Today at Legal Adda we are discuss about the What Documents Required for the Firm Registration in India.Firm Registration is one of the most important part before the starting any business in India. There are lot of the people which are confuse about the Firm Registration Documents. So we are discuss about the Checklist of the Documents which is required during the firm registration in india.

Checklist of the Documents required for the firm registration –

Documents Required for the Firm Registration

1. ID Proof of the Proprietor or Person –

The first important documents in the firm registration i.e is identity proof of the proprietor or person which want to register the firm on his/her name. As per the rbi guidelines there are lot of the proof which is consider as the id proof but for the business purpose you have to always required PAN Card Number which is essential thing before starting to any type of business.
Even there are lot of people in india which are not apply for the pan card but without the pan card you can deal in the business, even during the bank account opening pan card is the mandatory thing.

So as per the RBI official guidelines are following regarding the ID Proof –
“Identity card with person’s photograph issued by Central/State Government Departments, Statutory/Regulatory Authorities, Public Sector Undertakings, Scheduled Commercial Banks, and Public Financial Institutions”

2.Personal Address Proof of the Proprietor or Person –

Second important documentation part i.e is personal address which is proprietor or the person address which want to register the Firm. in most of the cases it’s your personal home address where you live.

Following Documents are accepted as Personal Address Proof in the Firm Registration –

  1. Your Adhar Card Copy – Adhar Card is one of most trusted document these days in the every work. even its consider as ID & Address Proof both because it’s mentioned your photograph with the correct address.

    Sometimes people are have confuse that let suppose if in the adhar card they have a old home address which has been closed so its effect on the firm, then basically its not effect on the firm because for the firm there is separate address which is explain in the 3rd part.

    Even some businessmen which just shift their business in another city or other salary based entrepreneurs which are doing the job in another city but have the basic documents address with the home town, then in that case there is no issue because the main thing is firm address proof. If the adhar card or other proof have hometown or village address then it’s just considered as a personal address proof.

  2. Your Voter id or Driving License or Passport Copy – If proprietor or person have no adhar card then they can use Voter id or election card or driving license or passport copy where your personal address is the mentioned properly. Above situation are same applicable in this case also when your these documents have a home town address.

3. Firm Address Proof : Here are the 2 Situations has been created

  1. When the Property is your Own – In this case you have to required any utility bills copy like Electricity Bill , Water Bill, Property Tax Receipt, Gas Bill etc where you can proof the address of the Firm.
    If the bill copy is on another person’s name, in that case you have to required the NOC ( No Objection Certification) where you have to mentioned that the owner of the property have No Objection that your firm has been registered at said premise  for the business purpose.

  2. When Property is on the Rent – In this case you have to required at least rent agreement copy if the possible and again utility bills copy which is mentioned above on landlord name. You have to required the NOC also on the landlord name.

So These are the Checklist of the Documents which is required in the firm registration in india anywhere. Even if you register any other legal entity like private limited company or llp or partnership firm then the same documentation part for the individual or business purpose.

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