In This Article at Myonlineca, We will tell you about What is The Key difference between A Sole proprietorship and Partnership Firm that will help you in clearly understand what distinguishes sole proprietorship firm meaning from partnership firm.Difference between Propreitorship and Partnership Firm

What is sole Proprietorship firm meaning?

A Sole Proprietorship is a type of Business Entity or a Business organization where there is a single owner of the business who looks after the business operation and Management of the business.

What is a Partnership firm?

A Partnership Firm Is a type of a  business organization where two or more than two individuals come under an Agreement to start a business and Operate a business collectively together and share profit and loss equally among themselves.

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What is the Difference between Sole Proprietorship and Partnership

  • The Partnership firm is governed by the Indian Partnership Act, 1932 and A Sole Proprietorship is not governed by any specific statutory body.
  • In case of Partnership, The incorporation of Business firm is voluntary and In case of Sole Proprietorship, incorporation of business is not required.
  • In Partnership minimum number of Members are 2 and a Maximum number of partners are 100 and In a Sole proprietorship, there is only one member but the maximum members can be 100.
  • In the Partnership firm, Liability is borne by the Partners in Sharing Ratio and in Sole Proprietorship, Liability is Taken Care of By Sole proprietor
  • There is dependably a vulnerability with respect to the term of the sole proprietorship as it can wind up whenever if the proprietor retires or Dies or on the off chance that he ended up awkward to maintain a business. Then again, Partnership can be broken up whenever, in the event that one of the two Partners resigns or dies or ended up indebted, yet in the event that there are in excess of two Partners, it can proceed at the tact of the rest of the Partners.
  • In sole proprietorship business, the mystery is kept up, as the insider facts are not open to any individual other than the proprietor. Despite what might be expected, in a Partnership firm, business insider facts are kept up to each accomplice.
  • The extent of bringing fund is high up in Partnership Firm when contrasted with sole proprietorship business.

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