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Do you know about DIC Registration Online ? So today at myonlineca we are talking about DIC Registration Online. There are lot of the entrepreneur which are looking for the DIC Registration but they are confused about how to apply for the DIC Registration & what documents or process follow in the DIC Registration.

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This article will help you in understanding the meaning of District Industrial Centre (DIC) and why you as a businessman should register with the District Industrial Centre & HOW YOU CAN APPLY EASILY.

While India’s business is booming and increasing every entrepreneur is desirous of starting a new business or expand its small business. India since it is a developing country, the government of India provides various benefits to start-up and new business Like granting them subsidies or other benefits. Hence when a person is thinking of starting a new venture then he should know about the District Industrial Centre.

Every district has a District Industrial Centre and you want various subsidies or benefit from the government you should visit the District Industrial Centre and avail various benefits for a new businessman.

What is the District Industrial Centre?

District Industrial Centre is at every district and it helps entrepreneurs in filling and time bound disposal in availing various subsidies and benefits granted to the new businessman. The entrepreneurs who are engaged in the manufacturing of products and/or provide services should register with District Industrial Centre registration.

The district industrial centre registration is governed by the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Act, 2006. You are required to check your eligibility by analysing the provisions of Micro, Small, and Medium enterprise Act, 2006. You can register yourself with District industrial centre online as well as offline. You can register yourself with the district industrial centre by visiting the district industrial centre in your district and submit the forms and details as required to such district industrial centre.

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Complete Guide on DIC Registration

Benefits of DIC registration Online

India promoters make in India and hence, a new business /start-up has been provided various benefit for the smooth functioning of such new business and district instream centre registration is one of the means to obtain such benefits provided by the Indian government. Under the district industrial centre registration, an entrepreneur receives the following benefits

  • Low-interest rates on loans
  • Deduction in your electricity fee and intellectual property rights registration fee
  • Eligible for receiving subsidies from the government
  • Loan benefits like increased limit, increased repayment period, low-interest rate and same without warranty
  • Eligible to receive funding from government

These are just some benefits which a district industrial centre registered businessman receives, the government, from time to time, grants benefits to such district industrial centre registered entrepreneurs. You will have to keep yourself updated regarding the benefits and subsidies available for your business. You can obtain such information form the District industrial centre also as established in your district.

Details required for DIC registration online

Following are the list of documents and details which you require for DIC registration Online:

  • Aadhar Number
  • Your/business name
  • Address of business
  • Type of entity like LLP/company/proprietorship
  • Date of commencement of business
  • Bank account details
  • The key activity of the business
  • of employees
  • Amount of investment in plant and machinery

Process of district industrial centre registration

you are required to follow the following simple steps for registering your business with the district industrial centre

  • Visit Govt Official Site
  • Enter your name and Aadhar number
  • Then you will have to validate and generate OPT and then you will receive OTP on your mobile number which you have to enter on the website
  • You have to provide details of your category i.e. general, Schedule Caste/tribe or other backward class
  • You will then have to provide details of your business-like name, type of entity, address of entity etc.
  • You will then be required to fill in other details like bank details address of the business, total investment in the business etc.
  • Then you will have to accept the declaration and submit your application for registration
  • You will then receive an acknowledgement number.

Thus, it can be seen that the DIC registration online process is very easy. while registering for district industrial centre you should keep all relevant documents handy for filling in the details regarding you and your business.

Further, upon receiving your DIC registration, you also have the option to amend the details provided under such registration by login on to your entrepreneur login and then edit the information which you want to edit in your district industrial centre registration.

DIC or MSME or SSI Registration are the Same ?

Yes, DIC or MSME or SSI Registration are the same. Basically even udyog aadhaar is also called the DIC Registration & new name on the District Industrial Centre Registration.


Thus, it can be seen that whenever a new business is set up, it is pertinent to obtain the registration with the district industrial centre so that you can avail the benefit and subsidies provided by the Indian government. There are various benefits and subsidies associated with the business who has registered with the district industrial centre. Since the registration is available both online as well as offline, the entrepreneur can easily register with the district industrial centre so as to avail the benefits and subsidies provided by the Indian government.