7 Essential Things For Company Registration in Ahmedabad

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When you start a company in Ahmedabad, you need to register with the State Government i.e government of Gujarat or Central government. So in this guide, we learn about the 7 Essential things for Company Registration in Ahmedabad. it’s a very useful the Ahmedabad gujju entrepreneurs when they have an entrepreneurial mind but they are stuck with the legal things.

3 Steps For Company Registration in Ahmedabad

Step1. Choose Package and Fill Up your Company Registration in Ahmedabad  Form and Upload your Pan Card
Step2. Make Payment Online 1499/- or 2499/ INRCards/Netbanking/UPI via Secured Gateway
Step3. Be Relax ! You will get certificate in 2-5 days on Registered Email id with us & connect with experts via call

Company Registration in Ahmedabad Fees

Sale within Ahmedabad State – 1499 INR/- INR
– MSME Registration Certificate
– CA Certification on Firm Name

Sale or Service Outside State in 2499 INR/- INR
– GST Registration Certificate
– 10+ Premium Legal Agreements


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Important 7 Essential for Company Registration in Ahmedabad or Gujarat State

1. Market Research Period of the Product or Service

When you start the business & build a better product or service so it’s not mean that anyone will buy it. you have to do the market research on the demand and requirements.these days there are a lot of the startups in Ahmedabad which are related to tech products or Software as service based products which need investment and lot of the time to build the prototype so it’s not mean that you have to register your company in the starting. First of all, always you have to do the market research and start with the simple firm like Sole Proprietorship Firm then on later stage when prototype stage has been completed, simply you can convert into the private limited company.

2. Determine the Capital Amount

In the starting of the business in Ahmedabad, you have to know about the capital amount because Ahmedabad is one of the fast growing cities in terms of the business so if you want to scale your business very fastly then you need the huge amount of the capital. Now the question arises i.e is the amount of the capital invest by the gujju entrepreneurs own self or they need the investors. if you need the investors then you have to prepare a business plan or pitch to the investors so after that you can register a company in Ahmedabad with the investors. even if you apply for the bank loans you have to choose the right legal entity for your business structure which is explained in the point 5.

3. Hire a Good Company Registration Consultant in Ahmedabad

The third important essential step that you can’t register your company in Ahmedabad yourself. you have to always hire an expert for this because it’s required the authorization and attestation on the each document with the digital signature. you can search any good professional on the justdial or Indiamart or sulekha business listing but they are very expensive and not have a standard pricing. you can check some trusted online service provider like myonlineca which can help you to register a company in Ahmedabad.

4. Decide the Business Structure or Legal Entity

In the 4th essential you have to decide the business structure or legal entity. In Ahmedabad on the state or national level incorporation rules are the same so there is the 5 type of the legal entity in India like Sole Proprietorship Firm | Partnership Firm | Private Limited Company | Limited Liability Partnership | One Person Company. so you have to choose the anyone legal entity as per your business structure and vision. if we talk about the company then proper registrations are only the private limited company or limited liability partnership or one person company which has been registered with the ministry of the corporate affairs. Even each state have their respective Registrar of office.

Company Registration Office in Ahmedabad or Gujarat State ROC Details :

Sh. Vijay Khubchandani (ROC Ahmedabad)
ROC Bhavan , Opp Rupal Park Society,
Behind Ankur Bus Stop,
Naranpura, Ahmedabad-380013
Phone: 079-27437597,
Fax 079-27438371

Here is the guide to Choose the Right Legal Entity or Business Structure for your Business.

5. Choose Right Business Name or Brand Name or Company Name

Every business has a brand name or company name even before the starting of the business or incorporation. but they have to know about the company registration name rules. if you register a simple sole proprietorship firm then name protection is not available but if you register a private limited company in Ahmedabad then it’s possible to get name protection. you have to always search the name on the trademark website and ministry of corporate affairs website.

Here is the Procedure to How to Search company Name in India on the MCA or Trademark Website.

6.Choose Right Bank for the Business Bank Account:

For the business transactions you need always a current bank account on the Firm or Company Name. there are a lot of the good banks in Ahmedabad but you have to always choose the right bank because each bank has their own policy. so you have to choose the right bank on the following factors:

a) Minimum Balance Limit
b) Online Internet Banking Services
c) Security Features
d) Additional Current bank account benefits etc.

7. Get the local license like Gumastadhara from Gujarat government :

In each state, govt have some local law regarding the state taxation and license or permits. in the Gujarat state, you need the Gumastadhara license from the local municipal party. Gumastadhara registration fees in Ahmedabad depend on the area wise and professional charges. if you register a simple sole proprietorship firm then gumastadhara is the essential thing to open a current bank account. in other type of the legal entity its treated as optional. apart from this Gujrat VAT/CST Registration or Service tax or GST must be applicable to the nature of the business after cross certain turnover limits.

So hope now your all the doubts and questions are cleared regarding the Company Registration in Ahmedabad. still, if you are confused then you can ask your query from the author via email at mail@myonlineca.in