In this Article we are learning about How to Check Voter id Link with Aadhar Card or Not. As you know that recently The Govt. of India has introduced a new mandate for linking Aadhar cards with voter IDs. This is a good step which will not only help to track and deactivate all fraudulent voter ID cards but also help in detecting the registration of those voter who are registered in more than one region. The Government of India is maintaining a portal named NSVP i.e. National Voter’s Service Portal for the Voter ID Aadhaar Link process and through this portal you can know how to check voter id linked with aadhaar? In this article, let’s understand how to check voter id link with aadhaar card or not

What is Form-6B on the NVSP Portal?

Form 6B is the ‘letter of information of Aadhaar no. for the purpose of electoral roll authentication’. It is the form for sharing your Aadhaar number with the ECI and linking it with Voter ID.

How to check Voter ID Aadhaar Link Status with Reference Number?

For checking whether voter id linked with aadhaar or not with reference number you need to login to NVSP portal.

STEP 1: Visit the website and open the home page. Here you will see ‘Track Application Status ‘ click on that.

STEP 2: Enter your Reference ID (generated when applied) and then select your state.

STEP 3: Click on Track Status and you will get the Voter Aadhaar link status

How to Check Voter ID Aadhaar Link Status without Reference Number?

To check voter id aadhaar link status without reference number you need to login to NVSP portal (For All over India) and for particulars states like Bihar, Goa, Gujarat etc. you need to login To login to NVSP you need the mobile no. through which you have registered on this portal. Now follow the following steps for voter id aadhaar link status check

STEP 1: Visit the website and open the home page. Here at the right side of the page you will see ‘login’ option.

STEP 2: Click on Login Option and you will be redirected to the login page. For login into NVSP account you need to enter your registered mobile no. /email id, password and the captcha code. After enter all details click on ‘login’.

STEP 3:  Now you have logged in to your NVSP account. You will see a ‘dashboard’ tab on the top of the page. Click on that.

STEP 4: Now you will see reference no., form number as form6B, date of submission and status. Here form6B is the application form for voter id to aadhar card link. You may see the status column blank. Since election commission authority has not accepted or rejected your linking request yet that means your application was submitted successfully but not accepted or rejected yet.

This is the process how you can voter id aadhar link status check without reference number.

What are the Benefits of Linking Voter ID with Aadhaar No.?

  • The Government initiates this Voter Card Aadhar Card link process to minimize the diffusion of multiple voter IDs with the same name.
  • Link Aadhaar with Voter id will assure that no one can create duplicates of the single individual’s voter ID for illegal purposes.
  • The linking of Aadhaar with voter ID will lead to derailment of the transactions in the illegal market, which blots the democratic structure of the country.
  • When it comes to KYC documents then Voter Card and Aadhaar hold major significance.

This big initiative is taken by the ECI to secure the Voter ID, and to make sure that the same person has registered once in the Electoral Roll. However it is not mandatory to link your Voter ID with your Aadhaar number as of yet, although this step is recommended. So this is the entire process for how to confirm voter id link with aadhar?