In This article How to Change Trade Name in GST Portal, I will tell you about how you can edit the Tradename in GST registration in case you have entered the wrong name or you have changed your trade name.

How to Change Trade Name in GST Portal

What is A Tradename in Gst?

The trade name is the registered name of the business organization which a business owner or entrepreneur use to conduct business activities. For Example Myonlineca, Tata Enterprise, Reliance etc.

How to Change Trade Name in GST Portal?

  • To perform a change in Tradename in Gst Portal, you have to visit GST Official website and click on login located on the right corner of GST webpage. After that, you have to provide user id And password. After you have a login to the GST Portal, Now Click on Services and drop down Menu will appear. In the Drop down menu select services and click Amendment in core fields.
  • When The window opens you will Tradename options besides that is pen icon, you have to click here to edit Tradename in GST Portal. Now when You click on the pen icon you can see that Tradename now can be edited so you need to enter the tradename and below it, you have to mention the reason for change and Date Of Amendment.
  • The reason could be change in tradename or wrong tradename was entered by you at the time of Gst Registration.after changing tradename and providing reasons , you have to click on save and after saving you have to complete verification by clicking on declaration, provide authorised signatory and place of business and click on save to complete this process.

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Offline method for Changing tradename In GST

  • You can also make changes in Tradename by using offline mode also. All you have to do is visit get authority office of your state along with FORM GST REG-14 that you can download from gst website or acquire from GST Office.
  • You Need fill  FORM GST REG-14 and Attach required documents and submit it GST Officer.And If Gst officer finds it to be complete, your amendment will be approved
  • If He is not Satisfied with condition, he will notify in FORM GST REG-03 and the applicant must reply FORM GST REG-04  in 7 days time limit and if the Gst officer is not satisfied he will submit rejection in FORM GST REG -05.


I Hope you like this guide about How to Change Trade Name in GST Portal. still, if you are confused you can check out our website to get help in Changing Trade Name in GST Portal.