In Today’s guide we let you know all about How to Cancel the GST Registration for all type of the assessee. After the registration sometimes user have to cancel or surrender the GST Registration so they are always finding the Application for Cancellation of GST Registration. Goods and service tax (GST) is a tax to cover all taxes. GST is working on the principle of “one nation one tax” rule. Businessmen trading up to 20 lakhs are free from GST. Register for all taxable persons with a business of more than Rs.20 lakhs for GST. There are about 28 lakh migrated businessmen who have not issued their invoices so far, such businessmen can cancel their registrations if they wish.This facility has been launched on GST portal. even sometime user are also looking for amendment of GST Registration but in some case its not possible like to change the PAN, in that case you have to always the cancel or surrender the GST Registration.

How to Cancel GST Registration

Who can cancel or Surrender GST registration?

Not everyone can cancel the GST registration. Here you will tell who can cancel GST registration-

  • The person registering himself A GST officer
  • Legal heir of the registered person
  • In case of death of a person, the successor can request the cancellation through the application.

How to cancel GST registration?

GST registration can be canceled using the form given below.


GST REEG 16 form is used to apply for cancellation. Any application for cancellation of registration will be considered in the case of a taxable person who has voluntarily registered before one year from the effective date of registration.


An appropriate officer can send a registered person cancellation notice using this form. Where the appropriate officer has reason to believe that the registration of a person can be canceled under section 29. He will issue a notice to a person who has used Form GST RE-17 This notice will have to be issued within 7 days. Otherwise, the registration of the person will not be canceled.


The reply of the show cause notice issued under sub-rule (1) will be presented in Form RGE-18 within the specified period in the sub-rule. The concerned person should reply within 7 days notice in this form, why his registration should not be canceled.


This form will be utilized by the appropriate authority for issuing formal orders for cancellation of registration. This order should be sent from the date of application or within 30 days from the date of response in the GST REG 18 form.


If the appropriate GST official feels satisfied, then the appropriate officer will leave the proceeding and the farm will pass an order in GST RE-20.

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Procedure for Cancellation of GST Registration

Step 1:

you must open GST’s official website in your web browser

Step 2:

Now you have to click on the log in button,Then you have to type your GST user id and password and then you have to log in again.

Step 3:

Once logged in, your Dashboard will open up to you.Now you have to click on the option with Service in the menu bar above.After clicking, a lot of new options will open up to you.Now the option to register from here is to select,You will then need to click the Application for Cancellation of Registration link.

Step 4:

After clicking on the link for Application For Cancellation of Registration, a new page will be opened to you. Now on this page you will have to fill in the complete information why you want to cancel your registration. Here you will have to complete three steps first, Basic Details Second Cancellation Details and Last and Third Verification In the first step, you will get Basic Details your personal information address etc.After completing the detail, you have to click on the Save & Continue button.Now you have to complete Step 2 with the second cancellation details. Here you have to select the reason for canceling the GST registration. After selecting, you have to click on the Save & Continue button.Now you have to complete the third and last steps, here you have to select your name and signature and select the place, and after that you will get two options to submit here, then you have to select the option here. OPTION You have to take the time to complete the form, that is, when you have registered, at that time, you have to select the option that you have selected from here.

Step 5:

After clicking Submit button, an OTP will recive on your mobile and mail id.After you receive the OTP, you have to fill out the OTP and click on Validate OTP.After clicking Validate OTP, your form will be submitted and you will be able to write 15 minutes, you will be given your Acknowledgment Number by sending SMS and mail and then you will be able to track it from the process, so that your GST number will cancel within 2 to 3 weeks. And you will be told by mail and sms.


In the end I hope this article will be helpful in solving your query regarding how to cancel the GST Registration, If you still require further clarity on the subject matter, you can always visit our website for The help.