In This Article At Myonlineca, We Will Discuss on The topic Can Proprietorship Firm Registered under GST ?, We will tell you whether the sole proprietorship firm can be registered under GST In India and if they can what is the procedure for GST registration for proprietorship and documents Required for The GST Registration as Proprietorship.

As you already know That A Sole Proprietorship is a Firm Where There is A single person who is the owner of the company and also looks after the Management of Business. Sole Proprietorship does not require to Be Registered in India or The Registration of Sole Proprietorship is Voluntary and not mandatory. Sole Proprietorship does not require Legal Formalities to start a business in India but you may be required to get certain Licenses such as FSSAI License, Shop act License etc.

Can Proprietorship Firm Registered under GST _

Any Person who wishes to Sell Goods and services can start business instantly as a Sole Proprietorship. But As you know Anybody who is Selling or purchasing Goods and Services in India Have to get GST Registration and have to File NIL GST Return Even if they have NIL sales in a Year. so now a Question arises, Can Proprietorship Firm Registered under GST ?.

The Answer to This Query is Yes, You can get a GST registration for a proprietorship firm. It is possible to get Gst registration For Proprietorship without Pan Card in Name of the firm. But It is Advisable to Get Sole proprietorship Registered and get Pan Card in the name of Firm.

What is the procedure for GST registration for proprietorship?

  1. To Get Gst Registration for Proprietorship Firm All You have to do is Log onto The Official Website Of GST In India and  Fill up a registration form with Personal pan Card, as There is no separate Pan Card for the Proprietorship Firm.
  2. You can also  Contact a Professional  Legal Service or a GST Consultant to get Gst Registration for proprietorship along with the prescribed Documents.  

Documents required for the GST Registration for proprietorship

  1. Copy Of Personal Pan Card
  2. Copy of Aadhar Card
  3. Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill or water Bill  of Business Location or Premise or Rent Agreement if Office is Rented
  4. Copy of Personal Bank Statement  or Cancel Bank Cheque
  5. Passport Size Photograph of the Proprietor.

Note – There is no Proprietorship Firm Pan Card


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