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The Royal Enfield Company was first introduced by the owner of a bicycle producer company with the Indian businessman, at that time the name of that company was “Parish Bicycle Company”.How to Apply for Royal Enfield Dealership

The company started with Albert in 1890 in collaboration with his friend Divalue.After some time Elbow went to London and he heard a place named Enfield, and on this basis, he changed his company name from Pariz Cycle Company to Enfield Manufacturing Limited.Enfield Manufacturing in India came in 1949, but in 1955 the name of this company was known in the market.In 1994, Eicher Group acquired Royal Enfield and then its headquarters was established in Chennai.

In the initial days, the company used to work for the Russian government, he used to make the Russian government bike.In the initial days of this company, it was started as a weapon-making company, and it made the Royal Rifle in the market.

Then when Royal bullets were rolled into the market, it gave a nickname to the bullet. And its sign also kept the can of the cannon.Then the Indian government provided the Royal Enfield Bullet to the soldiers living in Border and Hill areas in 1964.

Information about Royal Enfield Company

  • Today the demand for bullet has increased in India.
  • Royal Enfield is as strong as looking and walking, its voice is also strong and then it is known for its voice.
  • The company had just black color in the early stages, but now it is found in many colors in the market.
  • Earlier this bullet was seen only by the soldiers of India, but now it has stopped the first choice of India’s youth.
  • In 1990, Enfield India launched a diesel-powered motorcycle named “Taurus”.
  • Unfortunately, this motorcycle company has not been able to achieve much success. So in 2002, it had to stop production.
  • As much as Harley Davidson Bike has been sold all over the world, much of the bike has been sold by Royal Enfield in India.
  • The bullet was not sold at the initial rates, but now the success has been so successful that it needs to be booked 6 months in advance.
  • In 1955, the turning point of The company came in 2000 when 26-year-old Siddharth Pal took over the position of CEO of the company.
  • At the time Siddhartha was the CEO, the company was running very badly.
  • He wisely brought some small changes in the model of the bullet, and again returned it to its lost identity.
  • With the help of the distributor, it was taken to the market and every feature attached to the youth’s desire was added to it.

What do you need to have or keep in mind before applying for Royal Enfield Dealership

Before applying for the Royal Enfield Dealership below we have given some points  which you need to fulfill before you apply for the Royal Enfield Franchise or dealership :

  1. Area Requirements: For Royal Enfield Dealership you need to have an area of 4000 sqft or if you can arrange this much of space for your dealership showroom.You can also have more than 4000 sqft but the company will not entertain you if you have any less than this.
  2. Investment/Estimate: Another requirement is the money, you may require making an investment of  50 lakh INR to 1 crore INR. This is an overall budget, which you must have to fulfill to get Royal Enfield dealer franchise in India.
  3. Royalty Fee: You may have to pay a royalty to Royal Enfield as the company takes 5% of the gross sales which is considered as a  royalty fee.

How to Apply for Royal Enfield Franchise or Royal Enfield Dealership in India

To get a Royal Enfield Dealership you just need to Fill a form and apply for dealership through its official website. Although we must tell you that your application should be different and impressive to get an instant reply from the company.As There are so many people who contact the Company  to acquire the dealership, yet only a few get successfully selected to get Royal Enfield Dealership. All in all, the company has 180 dealers in India, so you have to be really careful, precise and impressive with your application so that you can get  Royal Enfield Dealership Easily.

Now, you need to visit Its official website, scroll down and click on the option become a dealer. An application form will be displayed on the screen, which you have to fill properly with all the required details and click on submit to carry out further formalities. You really need to be very accurate with all the details and provide them a good reason as to why they should give you the Royal Enfield dealership In India.


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