If you want to register your partnership firm, then you will have to register your firm with the registrar of firms. It is not mandatory, it is optional to register your Partnership Firm under Registrar of Firms. Registration of Firm is important because due to non-registration you may have to face legal consequences. Registration will prove your Firm’s Identity. you can do registrar of firms anywhere in India like Delhi, Kerala, Mumbai, Bangalore, Maharashtra, Punjab, Trivandrum, Utter Pradesh.

A process of Registration is done with the Registrar of Firms (ROF), ROF is the body which regulates the registration of Partnership Firm. ROF also check the functions of the Registered Partnership Firms.  This Article talks about the Process of Registration under Registrar of Firm and about the registrar of Firms.

All About Registrar of Firms


Process of Registration

  • First, you have to choose a name for your Partnership Firm. For this, you have to choose a unique name which should not be similar to other partnership firm and it should not use the prohibited words in name of partnership firm, so the first step of incorporation is choosing a unique name for Partnership firm so you will get your registration number on that name.
  • The second step is to make a deed or agreement of partnership firm. This deed will contain all details of Registrar of Firms. In this deed, you have to mention all details of firms like an address of firms, capital of firms and you have to mention details of all Partners like their personal and professional details. And this agreement should be signed by all partners and should contain stamp on it and it should be notarized.
  • After making of Partnership deed you have to register your partnership firm with Registrar of Firms. Every state has their own rules of registration and has the different office of the registrar of firms. For registering your partnership firm you have to apply under your state’s Registrar of Firms. You can apply through online or offline mode. For online registration, you have to visit your state’s official portal of Registrar of Firm and can apply for registration.

Registrar of Firms

Registrar of Firms is a body that works for registering the partnership firm and also checks the firm’s functions. There are two types of Partnership Firm one is register and the other one is Unregistered. According to Partnership Act, Registration under Registrar of Firms is not mandatory, it is optional but Registration will give you security. Main Functions of Registrar of Firms are given below-

  • Registration- Main Function of the Registrar of Firms is to issue a registration number to the Partnership Firms. Registrar of Firms checks the Application of Registration and then verified the documents, if they satisfied with the documents then they issue the registration number to the Partnership Firm, they can reject the application in the case of any error.
  • Maintains Register- Registrar of Firms maintains a register in which all details of registered Partnership Firms is mentioned. Anyone can check the details of any Partnership Firm, they have to file an application to the Registrar of Firms.
  • Registrar of Firms can check Functions of Registered Partnership Firm. Registrar of Firms can check the Register of Partnership Firm and can inspect the Firm.
  • If there are any changes in Registered Partnership Firm, they Firm have to inform to Registrar of Firms, the Registrar of Firm will make changes in his register.
  • Registrar of Firms issued the certified copy of details of the Registered Partnership Firm.
  • Now you can file your Application of Incorporation through online mode, you have to visit the official website of Registrar of Firms, then you can file your application with supporting documents. If there are any changes in your Partnership Firm then you can file your online application for rectification.


If you want to start a Partnership Firm then you should consider the above-given points because it is very important to get your registration done because it will give you security under various laws. If you want to register your partnership firm then you can register it with Registrar of Firms. Registration is not mandatory but it is important. Registrar of Firms is like Registrar of Companies, they will check functions of Partnership firm and other functions are mentioned above. As you can see that the process of Registration is very simple and easy, and now you can file your application online, this online process is regulated by many states. So you should register your Partnership Firm with Registrar of Firms.