In Today’s Article at Myonlineca We, give you all details concerning that Agmark Registration in India. Agmark is used for agricultural equipment. Agmark Certification program is for grading and marking of agricultural products. Agmark has been proposed in the Grading and Marking Act of Agricultural Products 1937 and the Convention Act 1987. To say this, the sign of Agmark is approved by the Government of India to ensure the quality and standards of almost all agricultural related products. there are various certification of marks like Agmark.

All About Agmark Registration In India

Agmark laboratories are available across the country to test the quality of agricultural products on the basis of standards. With the help of those entrepreneurs who want to do Agmark Certification for their products, they can test their product.

What Is Agmark?

Generally speaking, the word Agmark is a word created by combining two words ag and mark, in which the meaning of ag means agriculture can be applied and agriculture by mark. This term was first used in the use of the grading and marking of agricultural products in the Parliament Bill was presented in Parliament. The credit for making the entire system, including the name of Agmark, goes to Archibald Macdonald Livingstone, who was the Agriculture and Marketing Consultant from the Indian Government in British India from 1934 to 1941. Agmark can also be called a Certification Mark to ensure the quality and standards of agricultural products. The current Agmark Standards cover approximately 213 agricultural items. These include cereals, pulses, oils, and so on. When an entrepreneur is applied for certification for any of the items covered under the Agmark Certification program, then this process is called Agmark Registration In India.

Commodity Listed under Agmark Registration In India

Currently, about 213 items are included in different categories of agro-related products under Agmark. Items Include Food  Grains and Allied Products, Fruits and vegetables, Spices and Condiments, Oil Seeds and Fat and Vegetables Oil etc.

Documents Required for Agmark Registration:

  • Copy of the report of product inquiry from a lab recognized by Agmark authority.
  • Copy of the registration of the company or the establishment’s establishment, such as a copy of the document issued by the Registrar of Companies.
  • If the applicant is a company then the copy of Memorandum of Association.
  • If the applicant is a partnership firm, then a copy of Partnership Deed must be in which the firm and the Partnership Rule Law are mentioned.
  • The name of the product for which the applicant wants the standard.
  • The applicant’s name should also be mentioned in the application form.
  • The name and address of the organization.
  • Product Sample
  • The productive capacity of the previous and present year.
  • Turnover of the company last year.
  • Demand Draft.
  • Drawing of office or factory.
  • Memorandum of the company in which the company’s powers and goals are mentioned.
  • List of machinery.
  • Trademark Registration Certificate.

How to apply for Agmark registration / Certification In India

If we talk about Agmark Certification, we will find that it works as a quality benchmark for the products and also ensures the authenticity of the products as we all know that the name of India is the second largest among the most populous countries. And the source of earning of most of the people living here is agriculture, which is why Agmark Registration has been asked to sell and buy agricultural related products in retail marketing. Since India is a very large exporter of agricultural products, therefore according to the World Trade Organization, these products should be Agmark Certified. The Agmark Certification Scheme has been launched by Directorate of Marketing and Inspection under the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India, for domestic trade and export of agricultural related products. Although this scheme is voluntary, according to the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006, the compound food is essential for Blended Edible Vegetable Oils and Fat Spread certification Agmark. The responsibility of implementing this scheme is given to the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection (DMI), which has 11 Regional Offices, 27 Sub Offices and 11 Regional Laboratories in the country. The office address can be seen here. That is why the person or company who is interested in grading and certification of any Notified Commodity-related to agriculture under Agmark can contact the nearest DMI office. As far as the application form and list of required documents are concerned, it can be easily acquired from the DMI office. Interested applicants for grading and certification should have access or own laboratory, such as a required laboratory, such as infrastructure. The approved chemist will do the investigation of raw materials and finished goods before packing. And will continue the check on a Field Officer Certified and Graded Commodity of DMI.


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