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What is Accounting & Bookkeeping Services ?

Accounting and Bookkeeping services is related to your business or company. It is one of the most important part of any type of the company or business in India.
Bookkeeping is basically a process where you have to track all the records related to the income and expenses mainly. Accounting is also similar to bookkeeping but in the accounting we have to interpreting the financial records to make the strategic decision in the business like turnover related, expenses related etc.
Accounting or Bookkeeping both required the commerce based knowledge about the entries like debit & credit and sound knowledge about the financial records. So all the Small Business or Startups or Companies required the Accounting & Bookkeeping Services from the Professional’s like CA, CS or Accountant etc.

What are the Benefits of Accounting or Bookkeeping Services ?

There are  lot of the benefits to small or large enterprise to hire a good professional Accountant or Company to take care about your company books of account. Below are the some –

  1. Cost – Effective for Business – if you maintain your all the expenses and income on regular basis by bookkeeping service then you can easily track all the expense and try to reduce the same. Similar you can increase your income so you can say, its defiantly cost effective method for your business.
  2. Time- Effective for business – Maintenance of books is a legal mandatory compliance by the Indian government for each business. At the end of year you have to pay the taxes & have to submit your financial records like balance sheet and profit & loss account etc. so if you maintain on regular basis then you can easily save time in your business and meet the compliance on timely basis.
  3. Reduce Tax Liabilities in Business –  Bookkeeping services create your profit and loss account of the business. So you have to track all the expenses & income for the same. Now Tax like Income tax is calculation or liable only on the business profits. So if you maintain your accounting services then you can easily invest your profits at the right place and reduce the tax liabilities of the business.
  4. Budget Monitoring – Each type of the expenses whether it’s a advertisement or Employee benefits or any other, there is budget. So if you maintain your accounting records properly through bookkeeping service then you can easily compare your budget & monitor all the expenses weather its cross your budget limit or not.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Pricing :  999/- INR Per Month ( Up to 100 Entries)
Include :
#1 Accounting & Bookkeeping in Tally by Expert
#2 Providing the Weekly Financial Reports.


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How MyOnlineCA Accounting or Bookkeeping Service Package Works ?

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FAQ on Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

When you have to hire the Accountant or CA’s for Bookkeeping ?
When you start your business then from initial stage you can opt for the accounting service package by myonlineca which helps you to save your time & money both.

I don’t have any basic knowledge about the bookkeeping ?
Don’t worry, its not required any basic knowledge. You have to maintain only the physical voucher or sales or purchase bills etc. even you can maintain as per your convinces in a excel sheet for the same.

Is it legal requirements to maintain the books of accounts ?
Yes it is legal mandatory requirements to maintain the books of accounts for any kind of business or entity like Private Limited Company or Proprietorship Firm etc.

What is the Audit of Books of Accounts ?
Audit is legal statutory requirements for the private limited company or llp or opc. For the Proprietorship Firm its applicable only in some case like tax audit etc.​

6 Important Lesson about Bookkeeping or Accounting for Startups

In today’s challenging business environment starting a new business is exciting and challenging work. As India develop, the competitive space gets more crowded and scope for missteps gets smaller and smaller. Entrepreneurs think they are “ready to go” with a business plan, but they are not considered there are critical financial and legal implications. They lunch a venture and try to achieve success and earning profit but they are forget to establish the basic payroll needs of firm on the basis of these needs a firm can grow at a fast rate or if entrepreneurs try to ignore these basic needs of a firm which can create significant problem in future.
So, if you are starting out on your own, adopt the following accounting basics to ensure your startup maintains a minimum accounting decorum:-

  1.  Opening a Bank Account :-  Startup founder first and foremost thing to start with it to open a current bank account, a place where you can easily do monetary transactions without any delay and problem. Having a dedicated bank account offers an easy way to keep a track of all expenses of company related like tax payments, vendor payments etc. Having different bank account will make your life easier for startup purpose like for receipts from payment gateways, receipts in cash or through cheque. With the help of Pen Card or registration certificate of firm, you can open a current bank account. Before going for opening up a bank account, you should compare bank charges and facilities provided by them and choosing the right bank for your startup’s current bank account.
  2.  Tracking All Expenses: – With a solid base business, you should know what type of expenditure most incurred in your business. You should adopt a proper process and system of keeping and identified all your bills and other important expenses. Many times most of expenses are included under miscellaneous and not dedicated under their various categories like food and beverages, courier expenses, entertainment expenses, conveyance or travel, repair & maintenance expenses.
  3.  Maintain Record Data about Your Vendors and Customers: – Identify your vendors and prepare a list of them. Ensure to keep a proper record of payments and purchases goods and services from them. By this you can verify balance in vendors’ account at some specified time intervals and points. Like the vendors also maintain a list of customers regarding the points of growth perspective of the company. You need to verify your product types, and according to this you should tag your clients with the product they have bought from you.
  4.  Develop An Appropriate Book-Keeping Mechanism: – Book keeping helps in reconciliation of accounts with the bank accounts whole categories the various financial transactions into their heads. Book keeping means recording of the day to day transactions, categorizing them in their heads. As per your knowledge and financial quantum you can choose accounting method from these Do it yourself (DIY), Outsource the accounts and hire an in house accountant. For example Software like QuickBooks, Tally are some of popular book keeping tools used by various companies.
  5.  Adopting Appropriate Accounting System: –For running a business in a sufficient way startups must adopt a methodology used for all their accounting purpose and transactions. After adopted a method should be ensure consistency in accounts. Cash method wherein income and expenses are recognized/ booked at the time when they were received or paid. In Accrual method income and expenses recognized/ booked at the time of transactions whether cash received or not of that particular transaction. Startups can choose appropriate above any method for accounting system. More than 95% businesses use Accrual method of accounting because this method depicts the actual profit & loss of the company throughout the year as comparison of cash method.
  6.  Taxation Tracking: – Like the accounting method records, taxation obligation must also be tracked periodically. You need to take care of any penalties or any government compliance. Some taxes related with your business like Service Tax ( if you are a Service Provider) , Sales Tax (if you are a Trader) , Excise Duty (if you are a Manufacturer)  and so on , which you need to take care when applicable on your business. Taxation obligation and periodic deadline for tax payments structure should all the tracked.