2016 Business ideas in India

There are lot of entrepreneurs and startups in india which want to start their own business but the problem is capital and Business Ideas, yes for the starting any business in india or anywhere you have to required atleast capital money to invest. So today we share some awesome 2016 business ideas in India which you can start with just 10000 rupees.

Here is a famous Quote – If your business depends on you, you don’t own a business, you have a job. And it’s the worst job in the world because you’re working for a lunatic. – Michael E. Gerber

So you have to always try to make the business growing so that even when you are sleeping, your business making your money itself.

Here are the Awesome Online/offline Ideas List to Starting a Business with 10000 Rupees in India.

Online Business Ideas 2016 in India –

Affiliate Marketing on Leading Ecommerce Website – Affiliate Marketing one of the Most Popular technical trick to earn the money for the bloggers in India. Even if you checkout some awesome blogs, they are mostly earning from the affiliate marketing.

You can start with the leading ecommerce websites like Flipkart or Snapdeal or Amazon, Paytm or Ebay or there are lot of the websites. You can target a specific category and on each product which you sell through your affiliate links, you will got the commission.

You can promote your links through facebook groups, pages, profiles & there are many ways. You can invest your some 2000-3000 to purchase a domain and web hosting & start a blog , Write the awesome content with the affiliate links.

Selling products online through e commerce marketplace – Ecommerce marketplace one of the most growing sector in india but still there are lot of the products which is available offline. You can find the opportunities in this sector. You have to just find the some awesome products which is not available online on the ecommerce platforms.

You have to just register a simple legal entity like Sole Proprietorship Firm which is cost nearby 3000 INR in India and get the TIN Number or VAT/CST Registration. Another option is you can contact to any good offline sellers and sell their products through their legal registration & earn the commission.

Best Place to Sell – Ebay, Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, Shopclues, Craftsvilla & many more

Ebooks Writing – EBook Writing also becomes popular Online Business in India. You can write some awesome ebooks academics notes regarding your interest and sell out through the payment gateways. In india instamojo is the best payment gateway which provides facility to sell your digital content to anyone via debit card/credit card/net banking. You have to just sign up on the instamojo & upload the basic documents and start selling your ebooks easily.

Selling your Skills on Freelancer Website – Freelancer are one of the fastest growing industry. Even these days business required lot of the freelancer for their small task.You have to just listed on the some Popular freelancer website like Freelancer, Upwork, worknhire & many other where you have to register & apply for the projects in your field.

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Offline Business Ideas 2016 in India –

Travel Agency – you can start a small travel agency in nearby your areas. You have to just setup some travel agent accounts from IRCTC or Oxygen wallets or other travel website affiliate. This is required a very small investment.

Mineral Water Supply Business –  you can start simply mineral water business in India. In the starting you can just apply the mineral water from the third parties instead of set up your own plant. You can book some nearby offices, shops and take the big orders in the parties.

Mobile Recharge & Sim Card – you can start a small mobile recharge shop, still some people prefers offline recharge instead of the using popular ecommerce website. You can tie up with the vendors and start with the very small & invest in the marketing.

Breakfast or Fast Food shop –  Food Industry is also growing day by day. You can start a small fast food shop at some popular location. Its required little more fund but you can start on small scale with less items.

Drop Shipping business in India – you can start  a simple drop shipping business in india. Today there are lot of the business which is required lot of the items in bulk and need best quote. You can work as middle agent whose buy from one company & sell to another seller. You can earn the commission without any big investment.

So Hope this article helpful for you to starting a business in India 2016. For the Legal Registration on above business you can ask from myonlineca which can help you in the business registration for your startup.